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A Precious Rainbow part 3.3
In Her Moment of Doubt

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I'm not gonna just give this
to ya, Rainbow. I respect ya
too much to do that.
You're gonna have to take it.
Rainbow, are you
okay, sug-
I'm alright, girl.
I'm alright. Just a
bad dream, that's all.
Rainbow, this is
not a good idea.
Hope you're making
something hearty, AJ. We
gotta eat good for tomorrow!
Rainbow, about
It's gonna be so
awesome! I can just feel
it! This is what I need!
Rainbow, I...I don't think this is such
a good idea after all. I mean, I know you
want to enter the Running of the Leaves to
prove you can make it without wings, but...
The truth is Rainbow, you're still
recovering from serious injuries. If you're
in the middle of the herd when and if
something happens, you could get trampled.
AJ, I know you're worried about me, but...
but something inside is just telling me that
I have to do this! I can't really explain it,
but I'm running in that race, and it means
the world to me that you're doing it with me.
Rainbow, knowing the risk you're taking,
I cannot support your decision to run by
doing it with you. I'm sorry, but I'm
dropping out. As long as you're here,
you're my responsibility.
I...I can't believe you.
You...of all ponies...
Rainbow, I'm sorry, but
your health comes fir-
No! I don't want to hear it!
I guess asking you to trust
me and have faith in me is
too much to ask right now!
Rainbow, wait!
Hours later
Hey Twi', you
seen Rainbow around?
Not since this morning,
when she told me what
happened, in tears.
Can't she see that
I'm looking out for
her best interests?
Maybe not, when you decided
to support her decision a week
ago and wait until the day before
the race to change your mind.
Then what do you
suggest I do, Twilight?
Run with her in
that race tomorrow.
But that would show her that
I agree with her running in
it, when I clearly don't!
No, it shows you care enough
about her to support her even when
you don't agree with what she's doing.
I...I don't know if I can do that
Twi. If she gets hurt in that race...
Then there'll be nothing you can do
about it. It's her choice, and unless
you're willing to drag her back to the
farm and tie her to the bed, I doubt
you'll be able to change her mind.
I...I just can't. I stand by what I said
earlier this morning. It's not a good idea.
Well, then you have until tomorrow at noon
to figure out what you're going to do, AJ.
That night
And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon
her friends for her own heart's desire,
represents the Spirit of Loyalty!
Applejack, who reassured me when I was
in doubt, represents the Spirit of Honesty!
Maybe it's time I showed
Rainbow some loyalty of my own...
I'll see ya at the
start line, Rainbow Dash.
Good morning, Ponyville, and welcome to the opening ceremonies of
the Annual Running of the Leaves! This is your eye in the sky, Spike!
Along with my new co-host, last year's fifth place finish, Twilight Sparkle!
Thanks, Spike. It certainly looks like this year's Running of
the Leaves will be one to remember. In no small part to a generous
donation by the Cloudsdale Weather Factory!
That's right, Twilight. This morning, the Pegasi factory workers
brought down an entire cauldron of liquid rainbow to the opening ceremony,
and the race's spectators and participants alike have dipped a hoof
in the cauldron to show their support for Rainbow Dash!
Ever since what's now being known as the Case of the Cupcake Kidnappings
having been closed, everypony attending the Running of the Leaves are
showing their gratitude that the last victim managed to make it out alive.
And despite some concerns about her recovery, Rainbow Dash has
decided to enter the Running of the Leaves again this year,
and she's determined to win it!
Ready for a good,
clean race?
Change your
mind again?
Yes. I'm still worried, but
it's your choice, and it was
wrong of me to go back on
a promise that I made you.
I'm here, and I'm
giving you all I got.
On your marks,
Get set!