The Cupcake Chronicles

Sex Gore Romance Tragedy Sad Dark Slice of Life


This is an alternate ending to Cupcakes written by milesprower06, where a last minute rescue saves Rainbow Dash from certain death in the basement of Sugarcube Corner. Now, the broken and scarred Pegasus must come to terms with what Pinkie has done to her, try and find out why their friend committed these unspeakable atrocities, and find a way to move on.
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A Precious Rainbow part 1.1
The Rescue
Pages: 117
A Precious Rainbow part 1.2
Searching For Answers
Pages: 86
A Precious Rainbow part 1.3
Get Well Soon
Pages: 81
A Precious Rainbow part 1.4
Rainbow Released
Pages: 97
A Precious Rainbow part 2.1
The Sleepover
Pages: 175
A Precious Rainbow part 2.2
Pages: 147
A Precious Rainbow part 2.3
A Rainbow in Water
Pages: 69
A Precious Rainbow part 3.1
A Crack in the Case
Pages: 86
A Precious Rainbow part 3.2
Pages: 49
A Precious Rainbow part 3.3
In Her Moment of Doubt
Pages: 82
A Precious Rainbow Epilogue
The Iron Pony
Pages: 48
The Cupcake Killer Prologue
A Guilty Conscience
Pages: 21
The Cupcake Killer Part 1
Pages: 91
The Cupcake Killer Part 2
The fountain
Pages: 42
The Cupcake Killer Part 3
Loyal To The End And Beyond
Pages: 48
The Cupcake Killer Part 4
Pages: 36
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