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A Precious Rainbow part 3.1
A Crack in the Case

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Oh, why hello there, Twilight.
What brings you here today?
Well, I heard the crime scene
investigation is complete, they
got everything cleaned up, and that
they allowed you two to open shop
again. Just thought I'd stop by
and see how everything's going.
Thank you,
come again!
It's been a little slower than usual, which I suppose is
to be expected. But the general belief around town is that we didn't
have anything to do with what Pinkie was doing down in the basement,
and for that, we're very grateful. We were afraid all week that we'd
have to close up shop. But that's not going to be the case.
I'm so glad. Ponyville wouldn't
be the same without your sweets.
I just wish there were signs of what
Pinkie was up to. She was flawless at
inventory, so we just left her in charge
of keeping inventory in the basement.
So many lives could have been saved.
Don't trouble yourselves with it.
None of us saw this coming.
At least it's over.
Anyways, I'd like to place an order for
tomorrow morning. Can you do it that fast?
Absolutely, dear.
What's the occasion?
That night
Somepony certainly seems
to be out late.
Princess Luna,
what a surprise.
How have you been,
Rainbow Dash?
Improving, slowly
day by day.
I see you've
taken to swimming.
Yeah, I need a little more practice.
But I couldn't sleep tonight,
so I came out here to try and relax.
So what brings you
here, your highness?
I wasn't going to come by until tomorrow,
but I was flying overhead, and saw you
swimming, so I figured, why not now?
I'm leading the investigation into
what happened, Rainbow, and we think
we've come to the most logical conclusion.
Really? Why did
she do this?
Our coroner analyzed Pinkie's brain,
and determined that she had developed a
split-personality within the past few months.
Did we cause this?
What do you mean?
A few months ago, we had planned
a surprise birthday party for her, and in
order to keep it a surprise, we had to lie
to her about coming to one of her parties.
Right before the party, I came
to get her and bring her to the barn,
and she was...different. Very different.
How so?
Her poofy hair was all flat, she
talked to inanimate objects as if
they were alive, and it didn't change
back until she realized that the
party was for her birthday.
Yes, when her 'happy' side resurfaced, I don't
think that other side simply disappeared. In fact,
I think it slowly, unknowingly resurfaced.
I think that's why she didn't seem to think she was
doing anything wrong to you, or her other victims.
To her, it seemed normal. So to put it bluntly, burying
that other side of her caused her to slowly go insane.
So we did do it.
No, please don't look at it that way, Rainbow.
You couldn't have known what would happen. Just a
string of coincidences. No one is to blame for this.
A-alright...thanks for telling
me this, your highness.
So what will
you do now?
I'm...I'm not sure yet. I've been thinking
about it a lot, and I might stay here. Help run
the farm with Applejack. Seems appropriate enough.
She's one of my best friends, she saved
my life, and she could always use another
set of hooves to lighten the workload.
Well, whatever it is that you'll do, I'm sure you'll
be great at it. Have a good night, Rainbow Dash.
Thank you, your highness, and I'll
tell my friends what you found out.
W-what's going
on, guys?
Well, you don't actually
think we forgot, did you?
Oh wow, I can't
believe I forgot!
Well, that's why ya have
us around, Sugarcube.
Thanks guys, I guess with
everything that's happened,
it kinda slipped my mind.
Hope you didn't have
any plans today, Rainbow.
Why? You guys
have plans for me?
You could say that.
Swim Team!
Their competition season is over,
so we asked if they could come to the
farm and give you some swimming lessons.
They were happy to.
Yeah. You've been through a horrible, life-altering
experience, and we're thrilled that you've taken
to swimming to help you relax and adapt. And we're
here to help you enjoy it even more, Rainbow Dash!
I'm the Team Captain.
They call me Torpedo.
That's Surf,
Tidal Wave,
and Fin.
Wow guys, I...I don't
know what to say!
Well, Applejack showed us where
the lake is, so whenever you're
ready, we'll meet ya out there.
Thanks, everyone. I can't
tell you what this means.
Well, quit burnin' daylight,
and get out there and get wet!
One hour later
Your technique is coming along great,
Rainbow. But you're just pulling yourself
along with your hooves. You'll get farther
per stroke if you put your whole body into it.
She sure has
taken a liking to it.
That's for sure. If I didn't know
any better I'd say she's part fish.
What got her into this
in the first place?
Apparently Scootaloo suggested to her.
She said it felt like flying, even
though she'd never done any flying
of her own yet, heh.
I'm just thrilled that it's
gotten her out of that emotional
rut she was in that first week.
Wonder if there's
something in the water.