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Rattens Riddare Börje Lundin i Bornholm

Created this long ago in Degas for the Atari ST. To translate...

"Right, we have now arrived in Bornholm, Börje."

"What the... SM O K Er... Smokery. Check it out, Börje! A Smokery! Maybe I can find some smoking pals in there."
"But, Börje! Börje!"

"Yes, Börje, I've got enough cigs."
"No but, Börje! Börje!"
"If you don't want to smoke then you can stay out here."
"No but, Börje! Börje!"

"STOP! You may not smoke here!"

"But isn't this a Smokery?"
"Yae, but we smoke fish here."

"Really... I've never tested something like that before... Can I have a cod that I can light?"

2013/12/13 - 04:14:51