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A Precious Rainbow Epilogue
The Iron Pony

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I'm not gonna just give this
to ya, Rainbow. I respect ya
too much to do that.
You're gonna have to take it.
I...don't expect
anything less!
Rainbow, are you
okay, sugarcube?
It's Rainbow Dash
by a nose!!!
You did it!
You did it!!!
Minutes later
Applejack, I understand that you've been
housing Rainbow down by the farm. It takes
a strong friendship to support a friend's
decision when you don't always agree with it.
And Rainbow Dash, it is absolutely
astounding what you have accomplished.
You've not only fought a rigorous
physical battle of recovery,
but an emotional one as well.
I did it...
I really
did it...
You sure did,
Iron Pony.
Rainbow that
was amazing!
So where should
we go celebrate?
Yeah, where would you
like to go, Rainbow?
Actually guys, I'm worn out.
And even though I ignored everypony's
advice by running this race, you guys
are right. I'm not fully recovered
yet, and I need to still rest up.
So I think I'll be heading back to
the farm with Applejack.
If that's alright
with you.
Why of course
it is, Sugarcube.
That was a fantastic race, Rainbow.
Even though I initially disagreed,
I'm proud of you for following what
your heart told you.
Thanks, AJ. And thanks for not
letting up. I thought you'd be mad
for me storming out yesterday.
Not at all. It wasn't right of
me to break my promise like I did.
Well, at least I still
can beat you in one thing...
Oh yeah? Care for
a rematch of that
too, Applesnack?
Hah! You might inch one out
in running, girl, but you
ain't out-throwing the Apple
family horseshoe champ.
Featuring Applegeek Blank Check Bluestreak "Black Lightning" Flash - Ace2401 Brony Guardian Ember Frost - Ponyville Ranger Bravo Epic V LuffyIsCool Mezma - Wubcake Philip - Edward Star Crest - Sonicfx07 Flash Lightning - Heather