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A Precious Rainbow part 3.2

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Today was
quite the day.
That's for sure.
Thanks, it means
so much to me.
Well, don't just thank me.
We all had a hand in
getting those guys here.
Well, not just for today.
For your hospitality.
For being here. Because...
Well, the real
reason I came here...
You cared enough about me to come
looking when I didn't show up for
something as simple as a slice of pie.
If you hadn't, I wouldn't be here
right now. You're one of the most
caring, loving friends I've ever had.
That's why I'm here. I feel safe
around you. I know when I go to
bed every night, you won't let
anything happen to me.
If my Cutie Mark really symbolizes
making my way through the storms in
life, well, I don't think I'm out of
this storm yet. It's still sinking
in that I'm never going to fly
again for the rest of my life.
And yet, I still feel like I have
to prove myself. I'm just really,
really glad that I have you
to help me through this.
Sugarcube, you have got to be the
most stubborn, determined, thick-skulled
pony I've ever met. And that's what 'ah
love about you. And you don't have to
prove yourself to no one. Not no more.
Because whenever life knocks you
down, you get up and keep on running,
even after all that's happened.
That's it!
That's it
that's it
that's it!
What's it?
That's what I have to do!
The Running of the Leaves!
It's next week! I'm gonna
run it again, and this
time, I'm gonna win it!
Are you sure that's a
good idea, Rainbow?
You're still recovering.
AJ, I have to do this! It's
how I can prove to myself
that I can make it without
wings. And you and I
can have a rematch!
Say what?
Last year we tied for last,
remember? Well this year,
we'll have a good clean
race, and I want you to
give me all you've got!
Ah'm not so sure about
this, Rainbow. I'd rather
you make a full recovery first...
Please, Applejack? Make
this another birthday
present to me. Promise me
you'll give me all you've got!
If it means that much to
ya, Rainbow, you're on.
Come on, AJ! Just let me
buck a couple'a trees! I gotta
learn how to do it if I'm gonna
help you run the farm!
For the third time Rainbow, NO.
Letting you run in the race next
week is as far as I'm budging.
I ain't having you slammin'
those hooves against trees
while you're still recovering.
When you're back up to 100%
and fresh as a daisy, THEN
I'll teach you about applebucking.
Hi, Twilight!
Hey AJ. What's
Rainbow up to?
Yep, for the Running
of the Leaves next week.
What? She's
running in that?
Apparently. Got the idea
in her head last night,
and she's determined to
prove something to herself.
And you think
that's a good idea?
Well, no.
Not really.
So you're gonna
just let her do it?
Well, I'm
racing her in it.
So you're encouraging
her to do this.
Twi, I voiced my objections,
but her mind's made up. And
you know Dash, once she makes
her mind up about somethin' ain't
nothin' gonna change that girl's mind.
Well, if you're sure
she'll be okay...
What about you?
Gonna try for 4th
place this year?
Oh no, I'm helping Spike
announce it this time.
He asked me to.
Yeah well, good
luck with that, Twi.
I just hope you two
aren't gonna need the luck.