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A Precious Rainbow part 2.3
A Rainbow in Water

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Hey Big Mac,
where's Rainbow?
Said she was going swimming out by the lake.
That was about an hour and a half ago.
What?? It's pourin'
rain out there!
Wasn't pourin' when she went out. Still,
if she was gonna come back when it started
raining, I think she'd be back by now.
It's been coming down like this
for a good 45 minutes now.
Oh, what am I
gonna do with her?
What are you
doing out here???
What does it look like?
It's rainin'
cats and dogs!
Yeah, so? I'm
already entirely wet.
So you just decided
you'd come out before a
thunderstorm and take a swim?
I went into town to talk to Scootaloo,
and she suggested swimming if I wanted
to feel something close to flying again.
Besides, I've spent years
making thunderstorms. About time
I got wet in one, if ya ask me.
Besides, I've been doing
some thinking out here.
about what?
About my Cutie Marks. Fluttershy told me that
they're more special than I think, and that they
still have meaning in my life. They're healing
pretty fast, so I'm wondering if they
reflected my love of flying at all.
A cloud and rainbow lightning bolt.
What else could that mean?
I don't know just yet.
But maybe what I needed was
some time out in the rain.
Why, so you can
catch a cold?
No, to grow.
Well, your trees need an equal amounts
of sunshine and water to produce these apples.
So maybe in order to grow and move past this,
maybe all I need is some rain. Who says plants
are the only things that need a little rain now and then?
Well whad'ya know...
What is it, AJ?
Maybe that's what you're
cutie mark represents.
That no matter what
storms you go through,
you'll always come through.
I'd say this is
sure a fine example.
Thanks, AJ.
No problem at all. Now
let's go get dried off.