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A Precious Rainbow part 2.2

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Apple Bloom, go back to the house.
I'll be taking your friends home.
But why-
I don't think you want to be questioning
anything I tell you right now. Go to the
house and stay in your room. Is that clear?
Come on, you two.
Hurry and get up.
Good mornin'. Sorry to disturb
you this early, but...
...your daughter saw something last night.
Something she should not have seen.
Good morning, Applejack.
Mornin'. Ah'd like to pick
up some gauze, please.
Oh dear. Did one of your
animals have another accident?
Actually it's Rainbow. She decided
to stay at mah place. Walked all
the way there two nights ago.
She walked all the way out there?
With those back hooves?
Yeah. Ah figured instead of her
walking here ev'ry other day
Ah could redo her bandages there.
Of course. I'll go get you a kit.
Apple Bloom in her room?
Good news, Rainbow. I went and got the gauze,
so you don't have to walk all way back to
Ponyville to get'em changed. And we can see
if you're starting to heal up, too.
Applejack...thanks for last night.
I think that helped.
No problem at all, sugarcube.
Looks to be coming along well enough.
I don't think I even need
to re-bandage that area.
How's that feel, sugar?
Still a little numb,
but I can feel it.
Good sign.
These look the best of all.
I'd say you'll be good to go
in a week at most, Rainbow.
And I'll even go one further
right now, and won't insist
that you stay in bed.
Good, 'cause I want to
go talk to Apple Bloom.
And what do you need to tell her?
Something that'll only
work coming from me.
Well, look who's well enough
to join us for breakfast.
You're lookin' pretty good, considering.
You did a good job on the bandages.
I remember when you did Bessie
after she had scraped herself on
Granny, not while
we're eatin'!
Well, it wasn't as bad as what
you must have been through, dear.
That was good.
Care for seconds, dear?
No thanks. But I think
somepony else would like some.
Come in.
Oh, uh...hi Rainbow. Look...
I'm...I'm really sorry about...
Relax, Apple Bloom. I'm not mad.
Applejack has every right to be mad
because you disobeyed, but I just
want to talk, that's all.
I brought ya some breakfast.
We were just curious as to why
you were staying here. She didn't
have to yell at us like that.
Look, Apple Bloom. I was your age once,
and I hated being told no too. But...what you
three saw, fillies your age really shouldn't have
seen. Curiosity isn't always the best thing to have.
But she's always bossing us around! Telling us
that we can't do things, and not telling us why!
Apple Bloom, AJ's trying to protect you. You should
be grateful that you have her. I...never had any
siblings to grow up with. And I'll tell you something...
If not for your big sister, I wouldn't be here right now.
She saved my life, Apple Bloom. So I know it's not fun being punished,
but you need to appreciate the fact that you have your sister here.
Well, just think about it.
I'm headed into town.
To do what?
Talk to another Crusader. I imagine we
have one freaked out and frightened
Pegasus on our hands right now.
I'll be heading into town.
Just take it easy on
those back hooves, alright?
Don't worry, I will.
Rainbow...nice to see you.
Thanks. I know Applejack probably told
you about what happened last night.
I was wondering if I could talk to Scootaloo.
Yeah, that probably would be best.
She's in the back yard with her scooter.
Take it easy, she's still a bit...shaky.
Hey there, Scoot.
What are you...
doing here?
I came to talk to you.
Scoot, I'm not mad. I just wanted to see
how you were doing. I know what you saw
last night must have been pretty...scary.
I know I should've left you alone. But all I've
been hearing around town the last few days is
how you 'survived', and everypony wondering how
you're doing, and how the investigation is going.
Well, it's not really for filly ears. But since
you already saw what happened to me, I'll answer
whatever I can if it helps put your mind at ease.
D-does it hurt?
Or feel weird?
It doesn't really hurt anymore.
And of course it still feels weird,
considering I had wings all my life.
But a-aren't
Scoot, I was very scared when I realized what had
happened; that they couldn't fix me. When I laid
there in the hospital at night; even when I moved
in with Applejack, I cried myself to sleep because
I didn't know what to do with my life anymore.
It's something I'm still figuring out.
There are still times I'd give anything to just
fly again...or just feel like I'm flying. But
it's something I'm going to have to accept
eventually, and move on. Right now, I'm just
grateful that I'm alive. And life has those
scary moments, where you don't know what
to do or where to go next. So sometimes...
I can't believe I'm gonna say this...
sometimes you just have to look
at what scares you, and laugh.
And I'd say you're never too young to learn
life lessons, so I guess here's one right now.
Don't take anything for granted, Scoot. Because
hardly anypony realizes what life would be like
without the things they take for granted.
When you finally find your life's calling,
and your cutie mark, just don't embrace
your talent with all your heart, but
embrace everything you do. Every day.
Because tomorrow, it may not be the same.
It can all change in an instant. And I'm
not trying to scare you, but with what I
went through, I'm viewing life more and
more as a gift not to be wasted.
Thanks, and I'm
sorry, Rainbow.
It's alright. Just don't
let curiosity get the
best of you next time.
No, I mean...I'm sorry
that this happened to you. too. But it's something I have to
learn to live with, and I certainly don't
want everypony going around pitying me.
So chin up, okay Scoot?
You got it,
Rainbow Dash!
Well, I'll see you around.
Hey Rainbow!
Well, have you tried diving?
When me and Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle
tried to get our cutie marks several months
ago, we tried diving and swimming. It felt
like flying to me, moving through the water.
Well, I think it feels like flying. Guess
I'll find out when my wings grow enough.
Maybe if you want that flying feeling
back, you could try swimming.
Maybe I will try that.
Thanks, Scoot.
Oh good, you're here.
Thought you might be out
with some of your animals.
I was about to be.
What can I do for you, Rainbow?
I just came for my stuff,
then I'll be on my way.
I'm not about to have you
walk all the way back to
the Acres carrying this.
I'll go with you.
Fluttershy, it's alright, I've-
Nope, I won't hear it.
You're recovering.
Fine, Fluttershy. You win.
So how are you liking it
over at Applejack's farm?
Well, I'm glad she finally gave me
permission to move around and actually
do some stuff. I was going insane
in that guest room. Especially
after what happened last night.
Oh? What happened?
Apple Bloom and two of her friends
saw what happened to me last night.
Oh...oh my.
That's partly why I came into town,
to talk to Scootaloo and see how she
was doing. I think she'll be alright.
I hope so. She always looked
up to you as a role model.
So how do you do it, Fluttershy?
Do what?
Spend so much time on the
ground? You never did take
much to flying. Didn't you ever
think it was part of who you are?
Well, the animals just mean a whole lot more to me
than flying, Rainbow Dash. I know flying meant a lot
to you, but maybe that's what you have to do – find
something that means just as much to you as flying did.
Well, that's the thing. My cutie marks
symbolize my love for flying. So how can I
find something that means just as much to me?
Rainbow, there's something undeniably
special about the cutie marks. With
what's happened to you, if your cutie
marks were only about flying, I don't
think they'd be healing so quickly.
So what do I do?
For now, I'd just think back to how
your cutie mark appeared. That's
the best place to start, I think.
Thanks again, Fluttershy.
Oh, not a problem at all, Rainbow
Dash. Good luck. See you later!
So if it's not flying,
then...what is it?