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A Precious Rainbow part 2.1
The Sleepover

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Rise n' shine, Rainbow.
Got ya some breakfast here.
How'd ya sleep?
A little here, a little there.
Just tossed and turned all night.
Also, when you're done eatin', here.
A brush?
Yeah. Your hair's a mess.
Might want to fix that.
I'mma get Apple Bloom off to school.
Give a holler if ya need anything.
Applejack, why is Rainbow here?
Why Apple Bloom, if I wanted
you to know that, I would've
told you, now wouldn't I?
Is she alright?
You mind your business. She's here to rest.
That's all you need to know.
Now finish your breakfast and get off to school.
Ya'll alright in here, Rainbow?
Well, I'mma go get some chores done,
let me know if you need anything at all, okay?
Will do, AJ.
Howdy there, Twilight.
What can I do for ya?
Looking for Rainbow. I checked the Traveler's Inn
this morning, and she wasn't there. I checked
with the others, and no one's seen her.
Yeah, she's here. Walked all the way here
in the middle of the night with those
back hooves, if you can believe it.
How's she doing?
Well, she's not sleeping well. Ya can tell that
just by lookin' at her. And I know she's trying
to look happy, but I can see right through it.
I'm...well, I'm trying my darndest to be
patient with her. I know this is gonna
take time. At least she's here.
I think that's all we can give
her at this point, is time.
Hi, Rainbow.
Oh, hey, Twilight.
That afternoon.
Oh no.
That was today...?
Of course! I told you about it
earlier in the week, remember?
Yeah, now I remember.
Look, y'all. You need to
keep it down around the house.
I've got a guest resting.
A guest?
You mean you didn't tell'em?
For once, you kept something to yourself?
Oh yeah! Rainbow's
staying here, guys!
Rainbow Dash?
And you three are to leave
her alone, is that clear?
Y'all don't need to know why she's here
except that she's here to rest.
Stay away from her, that's the end of it.
Now go out to your clubhouse
and stay out of trouble, ya hear?
Hey, Rainbow.
plenty of fluids.
So, why did you come here when everyone
offered you a place to stay?
Don't worry, I'm thrilled you're here,
but out of all the places, you walked
2 miles out here to the Acres.
Well, for a number of reasons.
I didn't want to disturb Fluttershy's animals,
I would've been Rarity's living mannequin,
and I'd be even more bored to tears in the library with Twilight.
You have a lot of space out here,
fresh air, and well...
You saved my life, Applejack.
When I recover enough to be a little more active,
I'd like to help you around here. It'd give me
something to do, and it seems you always
need more help. I owe you.
Aw, Sugarcube, I appreciate the offer,
and you're welcome to once you recover,
but 'ah want you to know, you don't owe me anything.
That night
Alright, where can we
get a giant slingshot?
Scootaloo, if a cannon didn't work
last month, why would a slingshot work?
I keep on wondering what
Rainbow is doing here.
Well, maybe it has to do with
her cloud house above Ponyville.
What about it?
Um, it's not
there anymore?
Maybe there was
something wrong with it.
Then why is she resting?
Why is Applejack telling us
to not even go near her?
Well, why don't we find out for
ourselves? Find out what more and
more ponies are talking about in town?
But, we were told
to leave her alone.
And we will. We'll just peek inside
her window and come right back here.
Come on, let's go!
Rainbow, wake up.
please no...
No! Please!
Rainbow! Wake up!
Rainbow Dash!!!
It's alright,
it's alright.
It's me!
Wait here, Rainbow.
I'll be right back, promise.
W-we're sorry.
Shut it!
You think I tell you these things
for no reason at all? That I tell
you 'no' for fun?!
W-we were just curious why Rainbow-
I told you to leave her alone.
I told you to not go near her!
A lotta good your 'curiosity' did you tonight!
I don't want to hear another peep.
If there's another hoof out of this clubhouse
for the rest of the night, you'll be out of
school before the next sleepover. Understood?!
I-I...I can't take this anymore...
I can't even look at them anymore...
The fillies?
No... No, the stars, the sky,
my Cutie Marks. Every....everytime....
I'm tired of being reminded of
who I was! What I loved doing!
What Pinkie took away
from me! How...?
How am I ever gonna be able
to move on if that reminder
is always there...? you think it's gonna be that easy?
Just...just throw away all of who you used to be
and start new? Well, that's not gonna happen, hun.
You have to remember who you were, and adapt to
your new life. That doesn't mean you have to change
who you are entirely, or forget who you used to be.
What did she do
to you, Rainbow?
I don't think I'll ever be ready to
talk about that. Besides, you of
everypony should have the best idea.
It was all a rush, Rainbow.
I didn't really take it all in
when I got you out of there.
But maybe you're having these nightmares
because you're keeping it all inside.
She drugged me.
Drugged you?
Yeah. With something in her cupcakes. I woke up restrained
to planks, and all around the room were these...decorations...
of parts and bones and organs of ponies.
She said that she needed more special ingredient for her cupcakes,
and that my number came up. She started with my Cutie Marks.
Cut both of them off of my flanks. Then she took off my wings.
The first thing she did was take away
what made me special. What made me, 'me'.
Then she......she...ate part of me.
Part of the muscle in my right flank.
It didn't even phase her. Like it was normal.
I blacked out several times, and she'd just
inject me with adrenaline. Then...then came the nails.
Burning hot; hammered right into my back hooves...
attached to copper wires. She electrocuted me
until I blacked out again. felt like
every inch of my body was on fire...
Then...then she gave me a painkiller, and I couldn't feel anything
below my ribs. She said was time for the last round,
and I'd be awake to watch the harvest. And then...
...then you showed up.
Ap-Applejack...if you hadn't
shown up when you did...I...
Rainbow...I...I'm so sorry you had to go
through that. And mark my words, sugar.
I swear on my life, if there was any way...
I would give up the farm; my livelihood;
I would give all I am if it meant
making you whole again.