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A Precious Rainbow part 1.4
Rainbow Released

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Ya got it done that quickly?
Yes indeed. It took most
of the night, but I
wanted it to be done in
time for her getting out.
They just have to do one more check-up,
and then she's good to go.
I just hope she can walk out of here.
Especially with those back hooves...
I'm sure she'll do fine.
She's stubborn like that.
Miss Dash, I still don't know
why you won't take a wheelchair
for the first few days.
I can walk just fine,
Rainbow, maybe she's right.
Maybe a chair would be best until-
If I can't walk out of here,
then I'm not leaving yet.
I'm not letting all of Ponyville
see me roll through
town in a wheelchair.
The bandages
are bad enough...
Well then Rainbow, I've got
just the thing for you!
Rarity, if you've made me
another frou-frou, lacey
outfit that I have to-
Twilight and Princess Celestia pulled some strings,
and got me a meeting with Spitfire. We explained what had happened,
and she decided to make you an honorary Wonderbolt!
You don't need to say anything, darling.
I was happy to do it, and so was Spitfire.
Perfect. Now, if everypony
stares, it'll be because
of how amazing you look!
Now Miss Dash, you need to be
back here in 2 days so we can
replace all your bandages.
And stay off those back hooves
as much as you can. Drink plenty
of fluids, and get some rest.
So where are you staying, Rainbow?
Well, tonight I'm staying at the
Ponyville Traveler's Inn. After that, I...
I really don't know where I'm going yet.
Well, Applejack told us about her offer,
and each of us are extending it.
You can stay with any of us, Rainbow.
We don't care who you stay with,
but we don't think it's a
good idea for you to be alone.
Thanks guys, but now that I'm out of there,
I need some time to myself, to figure out
where I'm going to go from here.
Oh hey. You... You're Rainbow Dash!
You're the first one to have
come back from the disappearances.
Yeah, that's me alright. Look, can
I get a room for a couple of nights?
Of course you can! Here
you go, free of charge!
Really, I am able to pay.
Non-sense, I insist. From the looks of
things you've been through quite a bit.
I just don't have the heart to charge you.
Gee, thanks.
Take care, Rainbow.
Thanks, Twi.
You know where to find us
should you need anything.
Of course.
Just remember that our
doors are always open.
I will.
Stay safe.
Sure thing.
It's not a good idea
for her to be alone.
We all know that, AJ, but we can't
force her to spend time with us.
No doubt she's still devastated
by what's happened to her.
Don't worry everyone. She'll
come around. I...I hope.
Many hours later
Rest easy, Rainbow.
We're here if ya need us.
Twilight, honestly,
just lay down.
I can't sleep, Spike.
I'm worried about Rainbow.
I'm sure she'll come
to us if she needs help.
Well, I'm not sure about that.
We all know how stubborn she can be.
Even with the horrors
she just went through...
Go read a book or something.
I'm trying to sleep.
I-I'll take that room
if it's still available.
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