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A Precious Rainbow part 1.3
Get Well Soon

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I'm certainly impressed that you were
able to schedule a short meeting on
a night's notice, Twilight.
How do you do it?
Being the Princess' protege
has it's perks sometimes.
But what exactly do you have in mind?
Oh, I don't want to
spoil any surprises,
or get anypony's hopes up.
Twilight, Rarity; a pleasure
to see you two again.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
My complete sympathies to you and your friends,
and especially Rainbow Dash.
It seems we've found our source of the
disappearances in Ponyville over the past few months.
I've got my top investigators working on it.
Actually, Princess, Rainbow is why we're here.
Rarity has a favor to ask.
Your highness, I'm not sure how much
you know of what's happened to her,
but her life will never be the same.
I'd like to make a garment for her
to hide her...deformity,
and also to lift her spirits.
But I need permission to use the pattern,
as well as a little help.
I'm wondering if you could put me
in touch with a certain someone.
I'll certainly see what I can do, Rarity.
Who do you need to see?
Thanks, Mac. I know she'll
like this better than the food
they're wheelin' around in here.
Eeeyup. Hope she gets out of here soon.
We don't want things to start backing up at the farm.
Well, let it back up, brother.
As long as it doesn't get as bad
as last year's Applebuck season,
Rainbow is the priority right now.
Appplejack, you don't have to do this.
Nonsense. What better way to get you
on your feet sooner than to get you
some farm-fresh breakfast?
Did ya sleep well?
No, not really.
I'm scared, AJ. What...
what am I gonna do now?
Anything. Anything you want, Sugarcube.
Now I know it ain't the easiest
thing to do right now, but try
and think on the bright side.
A fresh start.
Try not to view things as how
you lived as a true Pegasus.
I hope you don't take that the wrong way.
I know this is devastating for you.
Also, Rainbow, where are ya
gonna stay when you get outta here?
I...I hadn't really given it any thought.
I'm sure there's an inn somewhere in
Ponyville that'll give me a night or two.
I just want you to know,
that my door is open anytime.
Anytime, Rainbow. I'd be honored
to have you as my guest.
I don't think this is nowhere near
a good time for you to be anywhere alone.
There'll always be a room available for you.
Just keep that in mind, alright?
Thanks, AJ. I will.
Six hours later
I'm surprised the Princess
made it happen so fast.
I'd be thrilled if I could finish this in
time for Rainbow getting out of the hospital.
I don't want everypony looking at her bandages.
She'll need to be able to relax, and not
worry what all of Ponyville is thinking
of her if she's going to make a speedy recovery.
Even if she's the most relaxed pony in Ponyville,
I doubt her recovery will be anything but speedy.
Who knows what happened to her down there...
Which is why I'm hoping that this will
help lift her spirits and make the
emotional recovery a bit easier.
I can't imagine why it wouldn't, Rarity.
I know she's gonna love it!
Hey Rainbow. I gathered up what you
wanted me to. I put it at my house
until you figure out where you're going.
Thanks, Fluttershy.
I appreciate it.
Hey, where'd Rarity and
Twilight run off to?
They went up to Canterlot this morning.
They haven't been seen since.
Hello. Just stopping by
to have a look at you.
Heart rate's slowly getting better...
blood pressure is normal.
If everything stays good,
I'd say you could be out of
here sometime tomorrow morning.
I'll be back in a few hours,
let us know if you need anything.
I want to know what
happened to Pinkie.
What caused her to do this...
I hope they find something.
The fact that she did this
without any kind of explanation,
to so many ponies, is frightening.
I wonder...
What is it, Dash?
Remember when we threw that surprise
party for her a few months ago?
When I went to go get her,
something...wasn't right.
She had placed all these inanimate objects
at the table, and were talking to them
and making up their own voices like they were alive.
It was just...creepy. I wonder if
that had anything to do with it.
I'd never seen her like that before.
At least it's over. Even if we
don't get any clear answers,
she'll never hurt anypony else.
There had to have been something wrong.
She acted like her normal happy and joyful
self when she was doing those...things to me...