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A Precious Rainbow part 1.2
Searching For Answers

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Rainbow's been moved to Room 4.
She's still sleeping, but you can go
and see her if you want.
Thank you, ma'am.
And I thought you'd like to know that
the investigation at Sugarcube Corner is now underway,
and Pinkie's body has been moved
to a secure location to be examined.
Hopefully they'll get some answers for these atrocities.
Hey. Wake up.
Oh Sugarcube...
If only 'ah had gotten there sooner...
You got her out of there alive.
That's the best you could do.
Thanks, Twi'. Would one of y'all mind letting
Big Macintosh know to try and do what he can at the farm?
If he can't, just put it on hold.
I ain't leavin' her side until
she's on her feet.
We'll get another messenger.
I don't think any of us want to leave her.
Hey everypony,
I think she's waking up.
How ya feelin', sugar?
Well, ya told me you'd come by the farm
for some apple pie last night,
and when you didn't show up,
I thought somethin' was up.
I asked around Ponyville at sunset,
and no one had seen you or Pinkie all day.
I went to Sugarcube Corner,
and found the place dark and empty.
I was about to leave when I heard a
faint scream come from under the floor.
It sounded like you, so I found the
trap door under one of the rugs,
and I got to you as fast as I could...
P-Pinkie...? Is...she...?
She's gone, Dash.
When I saw what she was doing to you,
I took matters into my own hooves.
I just hope my hasty decision doesn't
keep us from getting answers
to why she was doing this. wings...
Ah'm so, so sorry, Rainbow.
They did everything they could for ya.
Rainbow, ah'm....
a'hm so very sorry...
Now don't you worry none.
We'll find a way through this.
It'll be okay, ya hear?
Alright, everypony.
Rainbow Dash could use some rest now.
I want them to stay.
For as long as they'd like.
Are you sure about that?
I would really like to suggest that you get--
I want them to stay!
I'd rest much easier with them around me.
... Alright. If all goes well,
you will be out of the hospital
in a day or two.
The rest of your recovery
can be done abroad after that.
Many hours later
Oh my. Is it that
late already?
Wherever does
the time go?
We should probably
get some rest ourselves.
Don't you worry, hun.
We'll be right outside
if you need anything.
Yes, Rainbow Dash?
Do you need something?
I'd like you to do me
a favor, if you can.
Of course, Rainbow. Anything.
What do you need me to do?
What is it, Fluttershy?
Rainbow just asked me to move some stuff
out of her home, and have the
Cloudsdale movers take it back up.
Well, that was certainly fast.
Maybe she's trying to
accept it and move on.
Or maybe she doesn't want to
have to see it when
she gets outta here...
Rainbow Dash the earth pony...
Ah can hardly imagine...
Twilight, could you help me with something?
Sure, what do you need?
I know one of us should be here at all times,
but I just had a brilliant idea that would
lift Rainbow's spirits when she gets out of here.
If Fluttershy is going to be busy
at Rainbow's house, could you
take the first watch, Applejack?
Don't y'all worry.
I ain't leavin'.
Fantastic. Twilight, I'm hoping
you could get me a meeting
with the Princess!
I...suppose that can be arranged.
But what can she do?
She can set up a meeting
with someone who can help me. want me to set up a meeting
to ask if you can set up a meeting?
I know if anyone can
do it, it's you, Twilight.