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A Precious Rainbow part 1.1
The Rescue

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Alright, time for the last round.
Something to take the pain away.
In a few minutes, you won't be able to feel
anything below your ribcage.
Then you'll be able to stay awake to watch the harvest.
I want to go home!
Yeah, I can see wanting to do that.
Sometimes, I just wanna give up,
say 'I'm done with this mess' and go to bed.
But you know what?
You can't shrug off your responsibilities.
You got to pull yourself up
and meet the challenges head on.
That's the only way
you're gonna get ahead in life.
Pinkie, 'ah don't know what you're thinkin',
but I'mma give you one chance to drop that knife, now.
Oh, Equestria...
Rainbow? Dash?
Stay with me, Rainbow, ya hear?
Stay with me. Rainbow!!!
Somepony please help!!!
Emergency staff to
the reception area!
One hour later
We need to get to
Ponyville Urgent Care right now!
Something serious has happened!
What's going on?
We don't know.
The messenger pony didn't
say anything specific.
Just that two of our friends
were at the care center,
and one of them had been admitted to the ER.
I went to get Rarity and then you.
Come on, we need to hurry!
Applejack? What's wrong?
What's happened?
It's Rainbow...
What's happened to her?
I...'ah don't know for sure...
One of us should
go find Pinkie Pie. ya don't.
Why not? What's going on?
Ah saw her... Pinkie and Rainbow...
In the basement of Sugarcube Corner...
One horrifying tale later
...and that's when 'ah
brought her here.
Wh-why would she
do such a thing?
Ah haven't the faintest idea, Twi'.
I didn't mean to kick her so hard either.
I just saw Rainbow,
and when Pinkie came at me
with that knife, I just made
a split-second decision.
And judging from what was in that room,
I don't think Rainbow was the first victim.
Not even close.
I just hope they can help her...
Ah really hope so, too, Fluttershy.
She didn't look good when they took her in there.
Not good at all.
We managed to stabilize her.
You got her here just in time.
Oh thank Celestia...
But I'm afraid it's not looking good.
She was clearly tortured.
We removed the nails from her back hooves,
and administered antibiotics.
Hopefully that will stop any infection.
Her heart's been jolted by prolonged
electrocution, so we're keeping a
very close eye on that, to see if
there's any permanent damage to her heart.
As for what you...
brought in with her...
we were able to sew her cutie marks back on.
Hopefully those will heal up,
and be no worse for wear,
and the muscle tissue that was removed
from that area will hopefully heal too.
But... I'm afraid we weren't able
to do anything about her wings...
No... are you sure?
I'm sorry,
I don't know what to say.
We smoothed down the jagged edges
from where they were broken.
If her skin heals up,
they'll just be small stubs on her back.
She might be able to pass for an earth pony, but...
I'm sorry, we've never dealt
with anything like this before.
We did the best we could.
Aside from the doubtless psychological harm,
she'll carry some of these physical scars
for the rest of her life. But...
but at least you got her here alive.
Can we see her?
I wouldn't recommend that.
At least not until morning.
She's asleep.
Once we're sure she's stable enough,
we'll move her out of Intensive Care
to a private room tomorrow,
and then you can see her.
And as far as I know,
Royal Guards have quarantined off Sugarcube Corner,
so hopefully we'll get some answers soon.
Th-thank you, nurse.
Again, I'm so sorry.