This here is a story arc drawn by TriteBristle. This is a tale about two hearts finding each other, a tale about love, friendship, secret pony organizations, inter-universal traveling, saving the world over and over again. So mostly the usual stuff. Lyra and Bonbon were always in the background, while the camera was mainly focusing on the mane 6, but the background ponies also took their part in saving the day. How? Stay tuned, and you'll see.

Also, note: This comic was/is made primarily for mature audience, even though there are no NSFW scenes in it, non-graphic violence and possibly frightening scenes can (and do) occur (even though very, very rarely). That being said, the general atmosphere of the comic is supposed to be a cheerful love-comedy, with drama elements. Hope you'll still enjoy it!

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Chapter 1 Pages: 28
Chapter 2 Pages: 190
Chapter 3 Pages: 161
Chapter 4 Pages: 320
Chapter 5 Pages: 223
Chapter 6 Pages: 137