This is a puzzle and memory game by Dongle Ware where you are this marble hitting bricks and Oxyds to try and complete levels.

What are Oxyds?
According to an Oxyd Magnum book I understand they are vents to a civilisation. To quote:

    In the mysterious and enigmatic
Oxyd-world of your computer a
terrible catastrophe threatens the
sleeping inhabitants. Without
warning the Oxyds have snapped
shut, holding back their life-giving
    And only you can save this world
by braving the dangers of over 200
landscapes, equipped only with a
magic marble, some powerful totems
found on the way, and the secrets
contained in the OxydBook!

The standard oxyd brick looks like the one above, but there are varieties all depending on game version. Yes, there are 6 official versions, and who knows how many clones. Your objective is to seek these out, and when opening them try to keep them open by finding matching colors that are hidden inside.

Here are the 6 official versions of Oxyd:
OXYD (1) First Oxyd Game in color with 200 levels (100 SP, 100 MP).
OXYD 2 One for Monochrome screens/machines with 200 levels (100 SP, 100 MP).
OXYD Magnum A full (free) version of 100 (SP) levels.
Per.OXYD What looks like a PC version of Oxyd2.
OXYD Extra 30 extra free levels.
OXYD Extra 2 30 more free levels including the first 30 from Oxyd Extra.
What, you want downloads for all for all platforms? I don't think I have that. But that's what Google is for, right? :D

Here you'll find all the landscapes that I've transformed into 3D.

Here is a small list of clones:
Enigma Enigma is an always growing Oxyd clone that may one day replace the classic game. One outstanding feature is that you can make (or program) your own levels either with third party graphical editors or by hand in Notepad (the latter allowing for flexibility and advanced puzzles).
OZONE Ozone, a 3D Oxyd clone, currently on indefinate hibernation... But one can still play and edit levels.
ESPIRT Esprit was actually a prequel to Oxyd, and had an editor with it. Made for Atari ST, Monochrome.
Shocker 2 Shocker 2, the House of Games being the 3rd in a trilogy (Thriller, Shocker, Shocker 2) is an Atari clone where you collect hearts rather than match colors.
Alt download
Ballance Ballance. Ok, might not be very Oxyd like, but many found the puzzeling and some of the items to be very Oxyd like. Some even hope the developer could make it into a 3D Oxyd clone some day.