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MotS Only

or One-Armed Bandit

A functional one as well. Feel free to replace any of the onearmreel.??.mat with whatever fruits, bells, or sevens you'd like. Just be sure to fill all 20 sides.
Templates can be found in the readme.txt

There are 3 3dos in this: The Cabinet, the Arm, and a Reel that you place 3 of to fit the windows in the cabinet. There is also a COG that you hook up so that you can play it. May be a little simple so no holding buttons (how would you activate something so small?) or any other special features.

51.83 Kb

MotS Only

Train Wheel Set

A group of 4 train wheels. May not look exactly like the train wheels in real life. If you've got better textures, feel free to replace them.

97.61 Kb